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Video of failed armed robbery

In my business almost every day is good day because I love being an jeweler in Nanuet, NY. I help people with engagement rings, wedding rings, bridal party gifts and jewelry for special occasions like anniversaries.

Even Valentine’s day 2005, the day two thugs tried to kill me and rob my store, was a great day. I survived and there was one less bad guy on the street. And ultimately it ended up benefiting Sgt. Eddie Ryan because I held a fundraiser for him on the one year anniversary to thank Rockland for its support after the shooting.

When gold prices are high, like they are now, I buy a lot of used gold jewelry for cash. Sometimes people want to sell broken gold jewelry for cash in Nanuet, NY and I’m happy to help them. Most of my customers are repeat customers who tell me I offer the most cash for gold jewelry. People actually drive from New York City, Westchester County and Bergen County to sell me their gold jewelry.